Illustrated Middle East Arabic
Arabic, Mandarin, English
SOW Publishing
Publication Date
December, 2020
First Edition
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  • Tailor-made for people who want to learn Arabic and Arabic culture. The most authentic, intriguing and intuitive illustrated Arabic language book! Over 2000 words and covering a wide spectrum of living experiences and culture in Arabic area.
  • 2-language translation (Mandarin and English) together with easy transcription system and illustrations, learning made easy!
  • Edited and proofreaded by native consultant, showing you a truly authentic Arabic in a graceful way.
  • Scan QR code for instant native pronunciation(Arabic, Mandarin, English). Prepare your journeys along the silk road.



Introduction, Letters, Maps, Useful Facts, Countries


Numbers, Time, Dates/Days, Months, The Four Seasons, Weather/Cilmate, The Earth, Animals, Insects, Body, Family, Professions, Senses/Feelings, Adjectives, Verbs


【Living in Middle East】
Directions, Places, Transportation, Home, Tools, Hospital, Banks, Post Offices and Regions, Airport, Hotel


【Shopping in Middle East】
Banknotes & Coins, Colors/Sizes, Styles, Clothes, Bags, Shoes, Eletrical Appliances, Sundries, Skin Care Products, Cosmetics, Accessories, Book Genres, Stationery, Plants, Musical Instruments


【Eating in Middle East】
Utensils, Cooking Methods, Spices & Herbs, Other Condiments, Grains & Noodles, Bakery, Dairy Products, Meat, Seafood, Vegetables, Fruits, Preserved Foods, Nuts, Drinks, Restaurant, Light Dishes, Dessert, Snacks


【Having fun in Middle East】
Touring, Sports, Entertainment/Recreation, Hairstyles, Cosmetology, Nail Art, Games



Very Common Words, Asking about Time, Introducing, In the Shop, In the Restaurant, Greeting & Blessing, Asking for Help